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Workplace stigma - check your policies

Stigma is often a barrier to people seeking help. They can fear judgment from their peers and might feel they're being watched more closely by the boss than other employees.

Strong alcohol and drug policies are as good for people in recovery as they are for employers because they mean the rules are known by all and this prevents discrimination.

If you've got appropriate drug and alcohol policies at your business, former problematic drug users may be an untapped source of loyal and dedicated employees.

Thanks to support from the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, any Wangaratta business owner wanting advice about their problematic drug and alcohol policies can access a confidential consultation with Linda Griffiths-Brown at Total HRM at no cost. Call 1800 868 254 to register. A limited number of appointments is available.
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Since 2015 the Wangaratta Local Drug Action Team has been working with its community to improve awareness of the facts and issues surrounding drug use.

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